Friday, November 2, 2012

Chair Sessions

Tights - AA; Shirt - Vintage Ralph Lauren (bf's); Mask - from the French Quarter
While in the French Quarter the only souvenir I cared to bring home was a handmade mask.  We found one store with an impossibly gorgeous selection on Royal Street and spent a good thirty minutes blissfully making our decisions.  Had I had the money to frivolously spend on an extravagant mask I probably would've brought home one of the giant, Vegas showgirl style head pieces...since that would be practical.  Now I'll patiently wait for someone to host a masquerade, but until then I'll just wear my mask around the house.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Slippers - Vintage
These are my new flats...we are very happy together.  I was pretty shocked when I found these while out treasure hunting for the store because a) they easily resemble all of the embroidered designer slippers I've been drooling over lately and b) they actually fit my Wiley Coyote feet!  It's nearly impossible to find vintage shoes in my size, especially a pair in such perfect condition for only $4.  The thrifting gods must have been smiling upon me...maybe I should take them off now.