Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Clay Matte Waterproof Mineral Powder Bronzer in "Pack Avenue Princess", $29

I used to be scared of bronzer. Every product I used in the past would turn my pasty skin a terrifying tangerine shade...I looked diseased. At first I thought I was just failing in bronzer application, then I realized that every single bronzer I had used was simply the wrong color and loaded with a bunch of unnecessary, shimmering fairy-dust crap. After some trial and error I finally found the most perfectly natural shade for my color deprived skin...Tarte's Clay Matte Waterproof Mineral Powder Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess. Longest product name ever.

This particular color has got to be made with fair-skinned ladies in mind, and is extremely build-able. You'd have to apply a copious amount in order to look orange. It's also ideal for those with combination skin, like myself, thanks to the best ingredient to ever happen to make-up...Amazonian clay. This stuff is magic- it hydrates the dry areas of your skin whilst absorbing the oily parts resulting in an incredibly long-lasting, natural glow with a matte finish. Plus, this bronzer is made by Tarte- a cosmetic line that masterfully creates vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben/sulfate free products. So no worries about clogging your pores with slaughterhouse byproducts or rapidly aging! And just look at the pretty packaging...

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