Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Not Your Granny's Rose

Ro's Argan, Lush, $29.95

If there's one beauty product I can't live without, it has to be body moisturizer. I'm hopelessly addicted to all sorts of lotions and creams made for every possible different part of the human body, even the gimmicky is ridiculous. However, I felt extremely justified in adding just one more to my collection when I came across Ro's Argan Body Conditioner at Lush. Simply put, this stuff works exactly like hair conditioner, but for your skin. Just smooth it on allover after cleansing, then rinse off and you're done. And there's no need for lotion afterwards either.

This rose-scented concoction is probably the most decadent product I own. Everything about it from the smell to the texture screams luxury. After one use skin is impossibly hydrated and oiled up, which is no surprise since the conditioner is made with cocoa butter, almond oil, argan oil, and cupuacu butter. No worries, that anointed feeling goes away after a few minutes once the product has completely been absorbed into the skin, leaving skin soft and moisturized all day long. It also aids in soothing agitated skin-I particularly love to use it on my legs after I've shaved since all of the emollient ingredients stave off angry razor burn. The texture feels exactly like silk and practically melts as it's applied, it's bathing heaven. Keep in mind, though, that it will make your shower a bit slippery, so watch out! A little does go a long way, which is important given the $30 price tag. And then there's the scent...Ro's Argan is perhaps the most delicious thing I've ever smelled. I have never ever been a fan of rose scents; they typically have that fake, granny, stale potpourri smell to them, but this is quite the opposite. The scent is sweet, organic, a little musky, and almost smells edible. This must be what rainbows and unicorns smell like. Really. It just makes me feel ultra pampered and fancy-like, without having to spend loads of money at a spa.    

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