Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Sweater and boots: Threadsence, Slip dress: American Apparel, Hat: F21, Necklace: Vintage

I love the 90's, adamantly and obviously.  So any oversized slouchy knit will do, even better if it's a striped sweater.  Of course I was ecstatic to wake up Sunday morning to a chilly 75 degrees.  Yeah, after months of 100+ degree days anything below 80 necessitates extra fabric and is what I consider "chilly".  Which means I can justify wearing layers!  TO WEAR LAYERS, people!!!  Very thrilling.  It's all I ever wanted.  I'm so sick of wearing sundresses. Even cut-off mom jeans have lost their appeal (no they haven't, that's silly).  

Anyways, here we have the product of my unabashed eagerness for fall:  an outfit that is part 90s, part climatal confused.  Then there's all the boho bits and bobs what with the fringe boots, feather hat, and excessive jewelry.  I always end up adding some sort of hippie dippie element to my outfits.  I don't know, I just accept it now.  I guess the only explanation I have is that I really really want to be Stevie Nicks...no matter how 90's I'm feeling.  You'll see.

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