Friday, October 5, 2012

Double Reverse French Manicure

From left to right: Essie "Sand Tropez", Loreal "VIP Status", Essie "A Cut Above"

One fall 2012 nail trend I fell hard for was the double reverse French manicure at Rebecca Minkoff's show. I love when a classic is updated, and this one is completely customizable and still office friendly thanks to the nude base. I had never worn a nude color nail polish before what with the color, rather the non-color, being so dreadfully boring and all, although it has quickly grown on me.  And adding glitter is never boring. All you need are some sort of French tip guides like half moon stickers (plain old tape works fine), a nude nail polish, two complementing color nail polishes, and a top coat to protect it all (a necessity). This particular look is extremely easy to achieve, it just requires a little precision and a lot of patience.

Tip: If you use glitter nail polish as one of your tip colors do not use any sort of tape or stickers as a guide. Just paint it on freehanded because glittery nail polish will be pulled off along with the sticker once it's dried. Plus, glitter looks best when it's not in a perfectly straight line.

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